Wedding in Château de Belmesnil

Alex & Juliya

My story about the wedding …

Summer, hot August! On this day we were invited to the super-wedding Alex and Olga in Château de Belmesnil. The location is located 30 minutes from Rouen, France. Amazing place! Picturesque landscapes, nature and the charm of a quiet French province. If you follow my work – then, most likely, you know that I can be one wedding photographer or a team with a wedding videographer. Also, at weddings with more than 250 guests, I often work together with a second wedding photographer and two wedding videographers, if necessary. On this day I worked in a team with a wedding videographer. I made about 3000 photos, and selected 1200pcs. !!! The wedding day was very busy, and so many great photos!

The work of a wedding photographer is always a very creative process, his view of what is happening. That’s why, I strive to tell my clients a lot about how I see this important day for you. I am convinced that the main task that faces a wedding photographer is to tell you about your Day in the photos taken. Conventionally, the wedding day can be divided into five very important for the wedding photographer stage: the bride and groom’s gatherings, a photo session, a registration ceremony, a photo session with guests, a wedding dinner. I would like to tell you about several of them:

Bride’s fees

If you knew how I love this stage of the Day! At the bride’s gatherings, the wedding photographer and videographer have a great opportunity to take all the details and do it in great detail. Details are important components of the Day, without photographs of details it is impossible to imagine a good wedding series of photographs. This time, the bride’s gatherings were surrounded by charming girlfriends and emotional shots were made with them.

Wedding photosession

According to our plan for the wedding photo session was taken away very little time, but the magnificent places were chosen. Imagine, for an hour we spent a photo and video shooting in only two places, but made a lot of excellent staff. At the wedding photo session there was a magnificent “light” – as the photographers say, when the sun does not shine very brightly due to the fact that it diffuses slightly in the atmosphere. The transition from shadow to lighted area is quite soft, without very strong contrast.

Wedding Dinner

Pay attention to the lighting of the hall in which the wedding dinner was held – in photography we use remote-controlled flashes! Along the perimeter of the hall several compact flashes are arranged – they are controlled from the camera of the wedding photographer and at the moment when the picture is taken – the hall and the guests are illuminated, creating magnificent atmospheric lighting. It is important that such lighting of the hall does not interfere with the guests and the newlyweds. The wedding dance was also shot with flashes.

Photographer in France – Andrew Guriew