Wedding in Berlin, Germany

Alexander & Mary

Photos from the wedding of the charming Alexander and Maria. & Nbsp; Wedding & nbsp; was held in Berlin. For the bride’s gatherings, apartments in the Mandala Suites, which are located in the heart of Berlin, were chosen. The ceremony of marriage took place in the & nbsp; Rathaus Charlottenburg – a small room, but the invited guests were comfortable, very atmospheric place, the couple during the marriage are sitting on huge chairs, upholstered in red velvet. In the building & nbsp; Rathaus Charlottenburg, I also like that there is a large staircase where you can make a general photo of all invited guests. The staircase can accommodate up to 40 guests. A general snapshot of all the guests is one of the many “required” shots that is done by wedding photographers on the day of the wedding. Also at the wedding, I try to offer such a timing of the photo session, so that it included a photo session with the guests.

Wedding photo shoot took place in two locations – in the center and surrounding area near Charlottenburg Castle (Schloss Charlottenburg) and the park that surrounds the castle. The park is great for holding a wedding photo shoot – despite its small size, it offers plenty of locations for shooting. It has water and bridges, architecture, open and closed spaces for wedding photography, many flowers are planted.

Wedding photographer – Andrew Guriew