Wedding photographer in Hamburg, Germany

Denis and Oksana

The wedding we filmed in Hamburg this spring.

Wedding photography was very easy. Photography and videography began with gathering of the bride, and were then filmed the preparations of the groom. Fees were held at the Renaissance hotel in the center of Hamburg. I really liked the place of photography of the gathering – a spacious room, made in a modern style with attention to detail and beautiful furniture. As a wedding photographer,I really like when wedding day photography starts with gathering. I am sure that it is right and very interesting to start wedding photography from the training camp! The wedding photographer at the training camp has a great opportunity to shoot all the details, as well as capture the emotions and experiences of the beginning of the Day!

Registration of marriage took place in the municipality of Hamburg. Relatives and friends were invited. The hall in the Meria of Hamburg, where the registration ceremony takes place, is quite modest and quite small and can accommodate no more than 20 guests. However, this does not spoil the sense of solemnity and significance of the ceremony!

The ceremony of Orthodox wedding took place in the Church of St. John of Kronstadt. It is a very beautiful temple with an interesting history. The wedding ceremony was held in a solemn atmosphere.

On this page you can watch a video shot by our team and a series of photos from the wedding.

We offer wedding photo and video services in Hamburg and in all cities of Germany. Very often we go to other European countries. You can order a wedding photo and video shooting in Hamburg and any other city in Germany on excellent terms!

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Wedding photographer in Hamburg – Andrew Guriew

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