Photographer in France

This time I was invited to a wedding photographer on the amazing wedding that took place in the small picturesque town – Mougins (Mougnis), it is located south-east of France in the region of Provence – Alpes – Cote d’Azur.

Registration ceremony held in the building of City Hall, then with the guests, we went to the venue of the wedding of identity. The villa, which was held a celebration, was built for the famous French fashion designer – Pierre Cardin. The villa is made in the Art Nouveau style – in the form of spheres, connected to each other on the roof of one of the areas located playground, which rises to 15 m.

Amazing place, the sun, stunning views and the happy couple – the wedding day went for me in the same breath, more than 14 hours of footage! The work began in 1064, and a large photo wedding album. Under these photos I tried to convey the beauty of the wedding day, atmosphere and mood, the beauty of the natural environment and places. We were able to plan your day so that we had enough time to gather the bride, photo shoots, as well as a photo session with guests.