Wedding in Finland


Wedding in Finland

Incredibly atmospheric ceremony of Lutheran wedding in the temple in Espoo, Helsinki, Finland! Sunny day of Hope and Jarla, to which I was invited as a wedding photographer. Wedding photography was started with the photographing of the bride’s fees – an excellent opportunity to pay special attention to shooting the details! The bride’s gatherings were held in Helsinki, in a home atmosphere with relatives and invited guests. As a wedding photographer, I can say with certainty that it’s very right to start filming with the bride’s fees. Even if your fees are held not in the castle, but at home – the photographer has a great opportunity to take down the details and emotions of the beginning of the Day.

Lutheran Wedding in Helsinki

After photographing the morning of the bride our route lay in the ancient temple, in which the wedding took place. Espoon tuomiokirkko is one of the oldest temples in Finland. Its history dates back more than 500 years! The stunning atmosphere of the church, the festive atmosphere, the subdued light and the sound of the organ – the ceremony of the wedding is a special and very important stage of the Day. When photographing the wedding ceremony, the wedding photographer should not disturb the ceremony and guests, the shooting is done without a flash, the camera shutter is put into silent mode. I have often been a wedding photographer and take photos of weddings of various faiths and for me it is always a little exciting and interesting from a professional point of view. In the photos of the wedding ceremony, I try not only to capture important moments, but also to convey the atmosphere of the ceremony.

Wedding banquet at the manor Espoon Kartano
The banquet was held in a solemn and cozy atmosphere in a beautiful mansion, surrounded by greenery and silence. This is very correct when the venue of the wedding dinner is located outside the city. Guests have the opportunity to spend time in the open space, and the wedding photographer has the opportunity to hold a photo session with the guests. In wedding photos, which are made at the banquet, most of the attention is paid to the guests. For the duration of the wedding banquet, they are the main ones in the frame. About the newly-married couple, too, do not forget, of course. Traditionally, filming a wedding banquet starts with details – decorating tables, decor, guest seating and much more is filmed while the guests are preparing to meet the newlyweds.

Wedding ceremony – Espoo Cathedral (Espoon tuomiokirkko)

Wedding banquet – Espoon Kartano, Espoo, Finland

Wedding photographer in Finland and Europe – Andrew Guriew